Features of heat generators DAN AGRO

Fast payback period

Payback period - 1-3 months due to the use of wood chips or biowaste from the collection and cleaning of wheat, sunflower, soybeans, corn, etc.


Low cost of hot air for drying due to the use of cheap biofuel and the design features of the heat generator. The cost of drying 1t% is 10 times less than the cost of drying with gas.

Energy effectiveness

Air heating up to +120 ° C. Efficiency up to 80-85%. Ensuring high combustion efficiency even of low-quality fuel (wet chips, as well as low-calorie waste of agriculture and wood processing) thanks to the innovative design of the furnace and automatic regulation of air pressure and pressure in the furnace.

Environmental friendliness

Heat generators DAN AGRO process unwanted bio-waste into ash, which can then be used as fertilizer. Thanks to the built-in heat exchanger, the grain is dried using clean air. High quality cleaning of flue gases eliminates contact of grain with combustion products.


Heat generators DAN AGRO are made of high-quality European materials and components. Due to the design features, they have an increased service life compared to generators from other manufacturers.


Heat generators DAN AGRO can be used for grain dryers of different types. Technical solutions used in these heat generators allow to use wood chips and waste from the collection and cleaning of agricultural crops as fuel.

Automatic DAN AGRO heat generator equipped with a built-in heat exchanger for heating process air

Main advantages of using DAN AGRO heat generators

Save on fuel costs by 10-15 times

Short payback period: 1-3 months

Heat generator is designed to heat air up to +120°C

Effectiveness and environmental friendliness. The design of the heat exchanger eliminates contact of grain with combustion products

Can be used for grain dryers of different types

Manufactured from high-quality European materials and components

Due to the design features, it has an increased service life compared to heat generators from other manufacturers

We offer additional services for the maintenance of heat generators

Project design and installation
Commissioning works
Personnel training
Warranty and post-warranty service

Basic components of our generators

  • 1. Heat generator with built-in heat exchanger and thermal insulation
  • 2. Automatic control panel with sensors
  • 3. Fuel system, which includes:
  • 3a. Fuel supply hopper with screw and gearbox
  • 3b. Fan for supplying air to the combustion chamber and
  • 4. Fan for transferring the coolant
  • 5. Smoke exhauster
  • 6. Cyclone for spark extinguishing and cleaning of flue gases
  • 7. Chimney

Return of investment - 1-3 months

Warranty and insurance* for 1 year

Delivery across Europe

* insurance in case of losses associated with the occurrence of a warranty event

System of automatic control of the DAN AGRO heat generator

The system provides the operation of the installation in automatic mode
and has a number of convenient features

Automatic self-heating of the generator and maintenance of the set air temperature

Efficient biofuel combustion according to the settings

Control and notifications about the fuel level in the bunker

Remote monitoring and change of the set temperature (from a smartphone, tablet or PC)

Simple and convenient graphical interface on a color touch screen

Automatic system for blocking and protecting the heat generator and key units

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